Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS)

The financial aspects of going through a divorce can be quite complicated, and even in the most amicable of separations, resolving financial issues can be stressful. As a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, I can help alleviate some of that stress by providing the following services:

  • Education on the financial implications of divorce
  • Review of income and taxation options
  • Checklist of the necessary financial documentation you will require during the divorce process.
  • Assistance in determining the value of marital property
  • Preparation of net worth statements, budgets and financial strategies
  • Discussion of strategies to minimize taxes and any government benefits you may be entitled to

Who can benefit from my services?

My services are available to couples and individuals who are going through or who have gone through a divorce. While lawyers frequently refer their clients to me, you do not need a referral. Even if your spouse is unwilling to join you, you may still contact me for a consultation and coaching.