Parenting Coordinator

Child Focused Process

Undoubtedly divorce can be tough on children and one of the best solutions for children in a divorce is that parents have joint custody. Unfortunately, parents with joint custody can’t always come to an agreement when it comes to their children.
While a court order may have outlined the terms of your custody, disagreements can still arise. A trained and compassionate parenting coordinate will mediate such disputes.

The role of a parenting coordinator

As a Parenting Coordinator in Ontario, I am authorized to act both as mediator and arbitrator. If the two parents are able to sit down and work out a solution, mediation is the first choice however when this is not possible, then I can arbitrate the matter.

Regardless of the issue, the goal is always to find the solution that is best for the child. The advantage to the parents is that facilitating these types of issues through a Parenting Coordinator is almost always faster and less expensive than taking the matter to Court.
It is not the role of the Parenting Coordinator however to make permanent changes to a pre-existing parenting plan. In most cases this can only be done in the court system.

Where a parenting coordinator can help?


Negotiating exceptions to custody agreements such as when one parent wishes to have the child on a weekend that isn’t their “turn”.

Hidden Issues

Issues related to support and added expenses.

Special Allowance

Disagreements over whether to allow the child to go on vacation with one parent to another province or country.


Other unanticipated issues that were not made part of the existing parenting plan.