Curriculum Vitae
Charted Financial Divorce Specialist
Family Mediator

Related Education

August 2010
Certified Financial Planner
Financial Planning Standards Council

May 2014
Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist
Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists

October 2015-May 2016
Introduction to Collaborative Practice Level 1
Collaborative Practice Toronto
Level 2 Collaborative Team Practice Training
The Divorce Team/Brian Galbraith

November 2016
Introduction to Family Mediation
Family Law for Family Mediators
Screening for Domestic Violence
York University

January 2017
Parenting Coordinator Level 1 and 2
Riverdale Mediation

May 2017
Family Arbitration Law and Skills
York University, Toronto ON

May 2017
Certification in Family Mediation
York University, Toronto ON

Professional Organizations

Separation Professionals Alliance (SPA)
Collaborative Practice Durham Region